Let’s Blog

It is a new year – and we are looking forward to new bloggers!  If you haven’t yet signed up and are interested, contact Rebecca Chaudoin in Admissions

It’s Been a Great Year

It has been a great year! Congratulations to all students who have persevered through the all the challenges, all of the lows and highs of life as a college student. Congratulations on that “A”! Congratulations on that award! Congratulations on plain ol’ survival (underrated, but very important in my opinion).  Perhaps even, congratulations on that diploma ;-) !

(By the way, several of our bloggers have received recognitions this year and we are enormously pleased.)

Looking ahead to summer – here are some blog posts for winding down and just chillin:

Inflatables day by Glenn
Fat Boy’s by Chelsea
Seal Lion by Char (love snoozin’ on the beach?)

Real-Life Heros

We have some really great students at Chaminade and as a staff person, yes, sometimes they blow me away. Read Glenn Yri’s story of saving the life of a visitor to campus (several students assisted in this effort and were honored yesterday by the mayor and City Council of Honolulu.) (News footage too.)

All time favs!

Check out student life as it is lived by our bloggin’ ‘ohana: