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Tid-Bits of a Life Only Chaminade Could Offer.

..A Date Which Will Live in Infamy…


Today is December Seventh;

Seventy years ago Pearl Harbor was bombed and America was thrown into the Second World War.

Many words come to mind today…
But, due to the fact that I am in the midst of Finals week, I will leave you a few photos till I am officially done with this semester.




Wall of Honor


Roosevelt's Actual Speech

At the Memorial




Remember, Honor, Never Forget….

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Hej der venner. Jeg kommer fra South Pasadena, Californien og jeg studerer ‘Religion’ og ‘Education.’ While attending Chaminade I have been blessed with many opportunities including service and educational travel to the Big Island, Danmark, Germany, India, Maui, the Philippines, Poland and Scotland. If you have any questions about religious life (Chaminade is very welcoming and supporting of all faiths), student government or studying abroad feel free to ask!