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People often ask what I miss the most about where I grew up (South Pasadena, Los Angeles, California), other than specific people (such as my family), the one thing I miss the most is authentic Mexican food. My family can attest to this, I always ask (no matter the hour) to stop at my favorite Taco stop on the way from the airport to my family home.

King Taco

Since moving to Hawai’i I have made it a personal mission to try to find something that compares to the flavors of my youth…usually ending up empty handed (and sad stomached), deciding that I’m never going ‘there’ again, and making my way to the store to get the ingredients to make something myself. There are a few places that I actually don’t mind going back to – Serg’s is one of those places.



Tucked in the Manoa valley (or all the way in Waimanalo), Serg’s is known for their flautas, has good carnitas, and rice and beans that seal the deal. Today my roommate and I jumped on TheBus and in four minutes (yes, I clocked it) arrived at Serg’s just in time for Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesdays

While it isn’t my cherished King Taco, Serg’s sure steps up to the plate and satisfies my Mexican food craving, is decently priced and offers 10% off with Student ID. You’ve won my heart, and stomach – I’m one happy girl! :}

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  1. April 4th, 2012 at 08.56       Julia Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I have been looking for good Mexican food nearby as well. That plate looks delicious!

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