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Cockroach Cove & Spoons



My Roommate Lynette and I at Blowhole

Today, after class and some much needed library time, my roommate and I headed to one of our favorite beaches – Cockroach Cove. Don’t let the name dissuade you (actually, feel free to avoid it ;] it’s more serene with less people), it’s absolutely gorgeous. Located on the east side of the island, just past Hanauma Bay and immediately before Halona Blowhole, this picturesque cove is out of the way of the bustle of Waikiki and situated on an amazing stretch of coastline which results in a relaxing day. From Halona Blowhole you can see whales in the distance and the beautiful cove below – it’s truly my quiet get-away.

The Coast


Cockroach Cove from Blowhole

Walking down

Happiness Found - All to ourselves!

Sweet Caves

I used to study at the beach, I felt that it was the epitome of multi-tasking, I would walk to the beach with my books (workout), swim some (more exercise), get some studying in (work), people watch (fun), catch some rays (relaxation) and finish off with a walk home (even more exercise). But then I realized that I was never completely enjoying myself multitasking so much, so I made a new rule, beach = no studying. Today I decided that rule deserved an amendment, and with my New Testament textbook in hand I was off! I was not disappointed in this decision – I felt relaxed enough that I believe I was able to absorb more than I would have locked up in my room, I guess we have to wait till my quiz Thursday to really see the results!

Studying by the Rays of the Sun

Following our beach adventure we met up with some friends who were skim boarding at the adjacent Sandy Beach for some traditional post beach Costco grindz and then were off to our weekly Monday night Family Home Evening. It was an ice cream eating, spoon playing evening of fun. There are many variations of the game, but ultimately the goal is to not be left without a spoon. There is always at least one less spoon than players and spoons are grabbed once one player has acquired the designated hand (in our case four of a kind). We played in small groups then ended with one big insane and hilarious group of elimination spoons. It was great to watch and funny to see different strategies and ultimately the winners, sometimes who were the least expected people.

Intense Spoons - please note the winner at twelve o'clock wearing a cap

Ultimately today was a good day – Beach, Class, Friends, Games, Grindz, Studying – Fun. :]



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“Cockroach Cove & Spoons”

  1. April 4th, 2012 at 08.54       Julia Says:

    I have seen cockroach cove many times, but I’ve never actually gone there. Will have to give it a try!!

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