D Stands for DELICIOUS

So this past Friday, the some of the girls and I decided to have a GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Location: D Bar. This is not your ordinary bar with liquor, and beer. This is a bar designed for DESSERTS! Yes, you heard me correctly. A BAR DESIGNATED FOR TOP DESSERTS. When you first pass by the shop you wouldnt think that this “place is a top of the line, everyone must eat here” kind of place but youre wrong. The interior is fantastic, though kind of small on the inside, but if its a clear night, you might as well sit outside and watch the city cars go by. I ordered the Chefs specialty, while the other girls ordered a  raspberry sufle and a a creme brulee. Dont worry, you dont only need to eat dessert there, they also serve some AWESOME salads, and a DELICIOUS Pizza Salad on Pita bread. Keep in mind that this is gourmet food but surprisingly, the most expensive food there was only $17, only because it was steak and some thing else on the plate. But I am telling you, you get a great BANG FOR YOUR BUCK if you have a sweet tooth and want something to eat. Its a mix between a cafe, and a dessert/dinner place where everyone goes. Keep in mind though, you should make a reservation if you do ever plan on going there. Dont worry my people from Hawaii, I Will make a post at the end of the summer of all the places YOU MUST GO, when in Denver/Colorado. But until then, all you have are my pictures of the desserts at the DBAR! 🙂



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  1. The last 2 photo looks good. Anyway, it’s my first time to hear about this BAR design for dessert.WOW! Very unique. Hope to visit here soon.

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