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  1. Intro to Slam Poetry

    May 30, 2012 by Vaimalu Vaiau

    Taking the Aulama class was a great experience.  I was introduced to many new things and enjoyed the difference in perspectives that my fellow classmates and professor had.  The different opinions were frustrating at times and yet it was refreshing.  When faced with a task to do, sometimes we would just sit and look at each other until someone broke the silence and everyone pitched in to get the job done.  Before this class, I never really understood what slam poetry was about but during the various times in which we watched several examples of slam poetry on YouTube in class helped me understand its purpose.  It is not just the rhyming scheme that captivates me but more of how the usage of slam poetry helps convey a message to an audience and allows them to see a bigger picture.  Slam poetry covers aspects that range from politics to just a simple custom.  I am very glad that I took this class because it introduced me to the true purpose of slam poetry and I thank my fellow classmates and professor for opening my eyes.

  2. The Children of Palolo Valley Housing

    May 30, 2012 by Vaimalu Vaiau

    One of the most memorable moments that I experienced with the Aulama class was our first service learning trip to Palolo Housing.  While things did not turn out the way we were told it was going to and there was a plethora of misunderstandings between parties, our trip there was not in vain.  Instead of getting together with the high school students, we got to show what we had prepared for them to the elementary students instead.  The children kept all of us on our feet.  They were the most rowdiest and hyperactive bunch of kids I had ever met.  I witnessed firsthand the intelligence and creative imagination these kids entailed and was impressed.  Some of them may have found the videos of slam poetry we showed them to be boring but that is understandable because they are just kids.  They worry more about what to take to the moon than what some teenager is passionately going on about.  Even so, I believe that in time they will come to understand.  Just seeing their excited faces and watching them really think about something was simply priceless and if given the chance to do it again, I would take it in a heartbeat.

  3. A Hui Hou

    May 17, 2012 by desiree

    Aulama is certainly a unique experience. Being apart of any creative process is inspiring and Aulama allows you to get right in the action and see what it takes to publish literary works. Hopefully next semester can pick up right where we left off and get all our accepted submissions published. Congratulations to those whose works were accepted. Special thank you to our blog editor Jonathan Amey and also to Professor Wyble on a job well done. It was a fun and slowly productive semester. Who knows, I might be convinced to come back for a round two. Have a great summer! Mahalo


  4. Hello Summer!

    May 11, 2012 by alohakacey

    Summer is here!

    Today is the last day of this semester, everybody finish their finals yesterday, people living in the dorm are packing to move out, and me, sitting here, writing the last Aulama blog for this semester.

    It is really sad to see all your friends graduating and you still at school, also it’s really sad to say goodbye to Aulama. But my friends will always be my friends, and Aulama will always be part of my life. So let’s go everyone, enjoy this beautiful summer and have some fun! What’s your plan for summer? Open some beer bottles, do some shopping, go fishing and go beach? No matter what, let’s rock this summer!


    Kexin Zhang

  5. Chaminade covers Aulama

    May 10, 2012 by kgarcia

    This semester has been a lot of fun being apart of Aulama. One thing that I was able to be a part of was to be a guest in a morning talk show that covered a few of Chaminade art and communication programs. Of course this show was for the most part, for just the studio class alone, but our Professor Tom Galli liked it so much, he is going to try and get the show on the schools YouTube channel. The video is already online as our fellow Aulama classmate Kexin Zhang posted earlier, but the show as a whole is yet to be uploaded. The funniest thing that I said during the interview when Anna Vaagensmith asked, “What are your hopes for Aulama in the future?” and I went on to say something like, “Well, Aulama has kind of become my baby, and I want it to be known, because hardly anyone on campus knows what Aulama is.” Hahaha. I was under a little stress and it was all my brain cells could muster at the time. I really hope everyone will get a chance to see it later. It was a fun experience and I was happy to represent Aulama in show. I must point out that the videos and the show was produced and directed by our very own Kexin Zhang!

    – Kat

  6. Graduating… Sad face.

    May 10, 2012 by kgarcia

    What a semester, what a year, what a journey!!! It happened all so fast and so slow at the same time. One of the coolest things I did during my last semester here at Chaminade is be a part of Aulama. It was a last minute change to my course list, but someone recommended it and I was determined to have the same fun experience as they told it me. From the very beginning everything sounds so exciting and it really is something different. I am a Com major and I work with a lot of cameras and video editing, so going down a student run publishing magazine sounded like a fun challenge. I loved working on the open mic, reviewing other peoples work and making new friends. I wish I knew about Aulama earlier so I could take it twice, apparently you can do that. When the book publishes in the fall, I’ll definitely open up my schedule to make the launch party. It is so very exciting, especially since some of my work is going to be published, too! Now that were going into the summer, I am sure some of the social activity will be on a low scale, but definitely keep up with Aulama news and updates through our Facebook page!

    I was part of the committee to put the site together and now it is easier for everyone to keep a good eye out for Aulama on a social networking site that everyone is on! Well, this is my final day as a student at Chaminade University. I hope everyone the best, and see you all at Commencement!

    – Kat

  7. A Funny Encounter

    May 10, 2012 by desiree

    On the bus today I heard a conversation between a student and what appeared to be a young professional. The student rambled on aimlessly about the work that still needed to be done before the end of the semester. The listener stopped her and said in a light-hearted tone “If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have made it through college.” The student sat with a baffled look on her face and didn’t reply. The young profession noticed her expression and said, “Let me repeat that again. If it weren’t for my horse, ‘as in giddup giddup,’ I would have never made it through college.” The student chuckled and returned to frantically studying.

    It’s amazing the little things that get you through the day, life and stressful. Yes the student was me and I felt dumbfounded initially by the encounter with this random stranger on the bus yet, I learned another hardy lesson about the value of motivation  and drive within oneself.  Hope everyone did well on finals. Take Care and Good Luck!


  8. Cheers, to a welcomed change

    May 10, 2012 by kristen

    It’s finally here! The bitter sweet feeling of finals week.

    Today was the last day for the Aulama  and the class got to finish the semester off with a tour of Hagadone Printing. Except for me, I sat at home all day with cups of tea and the flu. As the semester comes to an end, I wish everyone good luck on their finals. Soon the bitterness of exams and studying will be over and we will be greeted with the sweetness of summer.
    ohhhh, and Congratulations to the Chamiande graduates of spring ’12 and good luck as all of you begin new chapters in your lives.

    – Kristen Aquino

  9. Service Learning

    May 10, 2012 by bris

    This semester has been very interesting. I joined the Aulama Publication class and it has been very awesome. At first, i was very shy because the class required a lot of class participation. As time went on i got used to my classmates so participating in the class discussions were not that hard anymore. My favorite part of the class was doing the service learning at Palolo. We had to teach the kids at Palolo how to be creative and express themselves in their writings. It was nice knowing that i along with my fellow classmates did something to help the community.

    – Bris Ulechong

  10. Aulama 2012

    May 10, 2012 by jessica

    Being part of Aulama this past semester has been a great experience. As a member, I was able to accomplish many things such as putting direct feelings into writing and having my peers read them. I was never before able to do that and I’m glad Aulama helped me achieve that new level in my life.

    I can honestly say that helping to put on and participating in the Open Mic sessions was one the funnest and coolest things I have been a part of. The last time we had an Open Mic Session, I read a couple poems with one of my closest friends and I got some of the performers to come out and participate and that made me feel really accomplished. I liked that my friend enjoyed being part of that and said she would love to participate again.

    Aulama was definitely a great experience and I greatly enjoyed being a member.

    – Jessica Wences


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