Halloween 2011

For the past two years, for Halloween I have walked the crazy packed streets of Waikiki. If you live or are visiting Oahu on Halloween, I recommend everyone experience the hilarious crowd of people that flood the streets on this night. For my first two years of college, it was such a blast to walk the strip and see all of the creative and outrageous costumes.

However, this year I decided to take a calmer route. I wasn’t really in the Halloween spirit, so I was so pleased when my good friend Taylor (fellow CUH blogger) asked if I wanted to spend the holiday with her family. I had such a blast as a blast from the past ’80s girl! I hadn’t been trick-or-treating since I was probably about twelve. It was so nice to be a kid again and trade candy with all the kids at the end of our neighborhood journey.

Living away from family while going to college has really shown me the importance of family. Though I was not with my own blood family for the holiday, I felt like a part of Taylor’s. Being around people who truly love and care for each other is such a breath of fresh air. In the bustle of constant school and work, I tend to get too caught up in myself. That Halloween night really reminded me of what I value in life: family. Thanks to Taylor’s family, I had a safe and fun-filled night full of laughter and good times. It was a good break from crazy Waikiki!

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  1. I know what you mean! It was a great night to pause, chill and just hand out candy (in the process, I ate too many chocolate eyeballs. I had to remind a few little kids that they needed to peel the eyeballs before eating them…)

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