Back to School Once Again

Tuesday is the first day of spring semester. Though I am very sad that winter break is coming to an end, I am surprisingly excited to start school! I just moved back into my dorm today, so the anticipation keeps building!  I ended my last semester with a 4.0 GPA, which is my excuse as to why I have not been the most up-to-date blogger. =p I’m sorry! Since I am almost at the end of my junior year, now is crunch time to make sure that all of my credits are being fulfilled and that I will graduate on time.

I say it a lot, but college is going by so fast! Before I know it, it will be summer, then senior year, then graduation. Most days, I can’t even believe that I am almost 21! haha I feel old! This semester will go by even faster than the last and I cannot wait. I am determined to make it as successful as the last. The only thing holding me back might be the fact that all of my text books haven’t come in the mail yet! I’m stressin’!

4 thoughts on “Back to School Once Again

  1. First of all: You aren’t old. No worries, you are better and gorgeous as ever. Second, congratulations on the four-point-oh!

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