Studio Video Production

I would have to say that I am taking one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken.  My Studio Video Production class (COM 350) is so fun and hands-on; very much my style! Every Tuesday, we all go to the Olelo Studio before it is open to the public and learn everything there is to know about putting on an entire production! We come up with all of our show ideas on our own and take turns with the various jobs needed to be done, such as operating the cameras, being the floor or control room director, acting as talent, and working in the control room pressing all the buttons.

My favorite job would have to be working the audio. I love having all those buttons at the power of my fingers and just the idea that without me, there is no sound! I feel like a real person working on the set of a television show. In the upcoming weeks, the shows that we create might even be showed on one of the Olelo cable stations! I am so nervous!

Here are some photos from class the other day. We were shooting a fashion show!

 Our wonderful talent, Anna, Emily, Sean, and Steve-o.

 Floor director, Jordan.

Camera girl, Sarah

 Tom, our professor teaching us everything there is to know about everything!

 Rudy, Lindsey, and Juju in the control room.

I highly recommend this course to those interested in how live television shows are produced. You will definitely realize how much team work goes into just a single show! COM 350 is definitely THE course to take!

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  1. We do everything in that class! We have a chance to try out every job, but towards the end of the semester, everyone had their favorite role and ended up sticking with what ever that was. My favorite job turned out to be controlling the commercials and tape recording!

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