Learning Spanish for the First Time

This semester, I decided to take a beginning level Spanish course as an elective, and boy am I glad I did! I am LOVING it!

I visit Texas often and plan on moving there one day. They have a huge Spanish-speaking population, and if I live there I want to be able to communicate to the best of my abilities. When I travel to Texas to visit my sister, I am always mistaken for being Hispanic. Once at the airport, one of the security officers just started speaking Spanish to me out of nowhere, assuming that I could understand. I guess I look Hispanic! That experience made me realize the importance of being able to speak another language, so I took the initiative and signed up!

My professor is great at teaching and is so funny! She is very patient and understanding, and she really incorporates culture in her lesson plan. I look forward to class every day and am always so excited to practice what I learn. I can’t wait to be able to have a full fledged conversation in Spanish.

Tonight, our homework was to go on YouTube and search for a list of music artists. My favorite from the list was Mercedes Sosa. Her voice and music is so beautiful and I ended up listening to a bunch of her songs as I tidied up my bedroom. So soothing and relaxing, it was the perfect way to end my hectic day.

It has only been a few weeks of classes, but I already highly recommend this class! TAKE IT!

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