ASID Award Dinner 2013

To start off the semester, IDPro club members created this year’s ASID Award Dinner’s centerpieces. This years theme is a spark of creativity. To represent this idea, Former President of ASID Hawaii chapter Allison Fletzer and current student representative to ASID and VP for IDPro, Beverly Clemente came up with the idea for IDPro to collect old wine bottles and spray paint them with a matte black paint. Then collect branches to stick into the wine bottles with flowers blooming from them (made out of tissue paper.)

sprayed 40 bottles with matte paint

IDPro’s newest member, Lyndee Watanabe arranging the branches in the bottles (:

cutting tissue paper into cherry blossom shapes

FINAL PRODUCT! with Tea Candles surrounding the bottles

From left –> right; Beverly Clemente – VP, Lisa Nguyen – Social Media Director, Joan Riggs – Director of Interior Design Program CUH, Tessa Goble – President, and Heather Dudek – Secretary at the Oahu Country Club.

Job well done IDPro members, for another successful event (:

Senior Portofolio Pop-Up Gallery

Everyone is invited to see Chaminade’s very own Interior Design Seniors work up on display to the public! I am very sad to hear that 5 of my fellow classmates will be graduating this year because I will miss them all dearly, but I am also extremely happy that they will be going off doing bigger and better things with the set of ah-mazing skills that they have in the field.

Congratulations! –  Ji-Yun Arakawa (IDPro’s Treasurer), Karen Cho (IDPro member), Bonnie Gao (IDPro member), Beth Mau, and Serena Waddel (IDPro’s President)

Come Get Your Green On!

Hey Everyone!

I would like to announce that IDPro Club is having our very first (Early) St. Patty’s Day Event! It is open to everyone, so I hope a lot of people will show up and support us ^__^

More info about the event on the flyer below (click image to enlarge)

Pictures of the event will be uploaded later*

Rockin’ Bowl 2012

Heroes get ready, because this was a Marvel-tastic event!

IDPro was fortunate enough to get sponsored by Laurie Kaneshiro from Pure Interiors to go to the Rockin’ Bowl event and bowl with Professionals in the field. Everyone was dressed as superheroes to set the mood for Halloween (:<

There was Games, Prizes, FOOD and a Costume Contest!

Everyone was such good sports and they all had some amazing costumes!

LEED Friendly Bears

Speedy Alex with his Jet-Backpack

Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, & Poison Ivy

Spidey Gal & Super Woman

Our Favorite MC – Greg Endo as Batman

Washed – Up Storm from XMen

Mini Flash 

Lil’ BatGirl (awww…what a cutie!)

Mortal Kombat hooked up with Robin

Everyone had a blast and we are all looking forward for next year’s Rockin’ Bowl event!

Bag Stuffin’ for HONBlue Expo

On October 16th, 2012 IDPro did a community service by helping the HONBlue Expo for their bag stuffin’ event. Everyone worked hard in stuffin’ bags the day before the big Expo.

We were also rewarded with (Cold) Pizza & Soda for our hard work! 😛

We established some great connections with Hawaii’s Representative for 3form – Corinna Bailey and Architectures as well! (:

Go IDPro!


ASID Design Excellence @ YWCA

The 2012 Interior Design Excellence Awards was a hit at the beautiful YWCA building

The event was held inside Elizabeth Fuller Hall

where everyone (IDPro students) were working hard on making the event as successful as possible. From left to right; Serena – President, Rianna, Tanya, Ji-Yun – Treasurer, and Beverly.

Beverly (left) & Rianna (right) putting together the center pieces

Our Treasurer; Ji-Yun Arakawa working hard on the Center piece for the reception table…

Here she is being resourceful and pounding away the nails on the reward frame with a knife

From left to right; Beverly, Ji-Yun, Valerie (previous ASID President), and Lisa

Everyone had fun mingling, drinking and relaxing on a Friday evening.

Good job IDPro!

Also, Congratulations to Joan Riggs – CUH Interior Design Director and Serena Waddel – IDPro President in winning awards! We are all very proud! (:

2012 ASID Design Awards Dinner

This year IDPro has the honor of coming up with the theme for the 2012 ASID Design Awards Dinner. What is the 2012 ASID Design Awards Dinner you ask? It is a annual event celebrating Interior Design Winners submission and their efforts as Hawaii Designers and Community Leaders. It is a dinner to honor the awardees, to meet chapter leaders, network with fellow members, reconnect with friends, vendors, and resources.

Basically a goodie event for Interior Designers!

(IDPro is helping out with this event as a Community Service.)

IdPro New Student Orientation

Our Lovely Vice President – Tessa Goble was representing our IDPro booth for Chaminade’s New Student Orientation today (August 24,2012.)

Here she is expanding the knowledge of a student about Interior Design and IDPro.

And here’s a few great model examples

She did a really good job in handling the fort all by herself. Good Job, Vice President Tessa! (: