Nothing Like a NorCal Christmas

Neighbor's House on X-Mas Eve

“A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight… Walking in a winter wonderland” So I didn’t have Snow or Perry Como over Winter break, but three and half weeks at home in Sacramento, CA after not being home for almost a year and a half was enough to make it a “Winter Wonderland” of sorts for me. Upon flying into Sacramento, the pilot announced it was “a calm, clear 39 degrees outside”… I nearly forgot what the Winter months in Northern California got like. Regardless, I had worn my jacket and was prepared for the, in Hawaii standards, freezing temperatures.
During my first week back, I didn’t feel like doing much except spending time with my siblings and my parents. It was interesting being 21 and able to have a drink with my dad at a restaurant, but at the same time seeing my sibling at 17, 13, and 11 took a little adjusting time to get used to. My family always waits until the week before Christmas to get the tree, and on the 18th we picked a big Douglas Fir tree to be our living room centerpiece for the holidays. My mom always decorates the tree with lights and the star, and then us kids usually do the ornaments. By time it was done our tree looked as good as ever, and the Christmas spirit definitely drifted through the house.

Belt Christmas tree 2011

One of the things I really liked about this Christmas was being able to get everyone in my house at least two things for Christmas. My dad, brother, and one of my sisters got clothes from PacSun, my other sister got jewelry from Claires and a warm hat, and my mom got stuff from Bath and Body Works. My sisters got me a couple shirts and I got money from my parents, but overall this Christmas was definitely about being with family and enjoying time spent at home rather than material things. I was happier to give than receive this Christmas season, just another reminder of how much growing up I’ve done since my freshman year of college.
I still have a couple weeks left in Cali before heading back to the islands, and 2012 is right around the corner as I write this. While I enjoy being home with family and watching the NFL playoff games, I know the relaxation will come to end all to soon as I start the Spring semester January 17, and start applying for summer internships, part-time jobs, and graduation clearance for next December.

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