2012: the end of the world or the end of the beginning?

New Years Sky

So it’s no new topic or surprise that this new year as a lot of uncertainties on how it will play out. The United States as a big general election this upcoming November, there’s plenty of domestic and international issues that could have several different outcomes, and then of course, the infamous December 21, 2012 of when some believe the world will end. But all negatives and farfetched predictions set aside, this year also means a lot to Chaminade’s class of 2012. Whether you’re graduating in May or December, the fact that graduation is at least a semester away is on students’ minds as they get ready for classes, internships, and what awaits them after college.
Personally for me, this year will serve as a year completing what I’ve been working on since first coming to Chaminade 4 years ago this August. However, 2012 will also set the stage for what my next chapter will be. As I start the spring semester I will be finishing applications for summer internships, which I believe whatever I get should point me in some sort of direction, either graduate school or a possible career after graduation. Ideally, I will get a paid internship that provides me with work experience for a certain field, and with that experience I can get a job and go to grad school at the same time. In August I will start my final semester at Chaminade, which will be bittersweet in turn; I will not be able to hold a position on Chaminade Student Government’s Executive board, something I’ve cherished since my sophomore year. I also will be looking at my final months in Hawaii, something I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to live through and take part of thanks to my Shortino Family scholarship I was granted in April 2008.

Me and Melinda on New Years Eve, Sacramento CA

As far as resolutions go, I usually try not to bank too hard on any, you always hear about people making resolutions but never really stick with much past January of the new year. However, this year I do have a couple “2012 goals” to achieve. I want to have a fair balance between work and school; this semester my schedule allows for better work hours and adequate homework and study time as well. I’m staying determined and committed to the gym, I plan to make full use of the 24 Hour Fitness membership I’ve had for longer than I can account for performance wise. Lastly, I want to feel like I got the most out of my college experience, both at Chaminade and living in Hawaii, so I plan to get out and visit a couple neighboring islands before moving back to the mainland, and get the most out of the CUH experience during my final two semesters. So 2012 doesn’t mean the end of the world to me, it’s the end of the beginning of my adult life.

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