Preparing for the New Semester: Spring 2012

Books and Binder for the New Semester

Everyone knows the feeling of a new semester… comparing book prices from the bookstore to Amazon, going to the business office to get parking permits, bus passes, and clear financial holds (ahhhh!), reconnecting with old friends, getting supplies on the cheap from Walmart, yes it’s definitely about to be a new semester!
Having only 4 classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the fall was awesome for that semester but definitely got me used to a more loose schedule. This time around, six classes and school everyday awaits me… But with graduation being only 11 months away I don’t have much room to draw anything out now. When you double major at Chaminade, you have to make sure all your upper division credits match up and you don’t “double dip”, or use certain upper division classes for more than one requirement. Needless to say, Academic Advising as seen a lot of me lately (thanks Curtis!) My first few weeks will be busy as I adjust to new classes, fit two part time jobs in, and stay active in CSGA and blogging! It gets to be a lot at times, but I figure why not do as much as I can while I’m still able to have a crazy schedule and still stay sane? Asher Roth said it best, I love college 😉
This past weekend was relaxing having no work Friday and Martin Luther King, Jr. day off. One of my roommates’ parents was in town so we enjoyed spending time in the house and I was able to make it to the beach and gym twice. So now with a slightly darker shade of skin after a Northern California winter and a good pump from the weights, I’m ready to take on the Spring semester in full force! Until next time, shoots!

Final beach day before the semester

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