Spring Break!

Spring break was very much needed with all the work and study. For some, its a time to let loose and party their hearts out (though maybe not too much) and for others, its a time to recharge and prepare for the final push heading into finals week and summer break. For me, its mostly the latter. For my spring break, I got a chance to relax with family at Turtle Bay Resort in the North Shore. It has a lot of family activities that families can look forward to from horseback riding to hanging at the beach to having a spa treatment.  If you get a chance to explore Hawaii, Turtle Bay is a beautiful place to see for the beaches alone.

Hope everyone had a great spring break and wish everyone the best of luck for the rest of the school year!

One thought on “Spring Break!

  1. I didn’t know you could go riding there, I bet it was beautiful, I remember sort of a forested/wilder area off to one side of the hotel. How long was the ride? Did you get to go very far?

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