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Chaminade Students Save a Life

Chaminade students receive awards from the Honolulu City Council for lifesaving efforts

Chaminade students receive awards for lifesaving efforts from the Honolulu City Council at a ceremony held today

Chaminade students Glenn Yri, Mosana Evagelia, Emmanuel Jimenez, Santashia Perales-Manoa, Treston Silva, and Annastasia Thomas were honored by the Honolulu City Council today for their rescue efforts that saved the life of a visitor to campus.  Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi initiated the city resolution in light of the heroic and quick actions of the six students, who worked as a team to help Bobby Command when he suffered a sudden full cardiac arrest on campus February 5. Students will also meet with Mayor Peter Carlisle after the council’s presentation of an honorary certificate.

Command, a Kamehameha Schools parent, had been on the shared campus of Chaminade University/ Saint Louis School to attend a high school basketball event. Students witnessed Command’s collapse in a secluded area near Clarence T. C. Ching Hall. Conscious and talking, Command said everything was all right, but Jimenez and Silva, both 18, stayed with him. Command then passed out. Students called 911, instructions were followed, and other students joined to help. Glenn Yri, 19, performed CPR after he realized Command’s pulse had stopped. Students flagged down the ambulance, which had parked several buildings away, and directed it to the right spot. The EMTs took over and were able to restart Command’s heart by using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

According to his doctor, Command’s heart had stopped for 10 minutes as recorded by his pacemaker.  It was only through timely chest compressions, which had kept blood pumping to his brain and throughout his body, was he able to survive without any damage.

Big Island resident and the executive assistant to Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi, Command is married with three children. He and his wife have expressed their gratitude to the Chaminade students. “We are so thankful that the students were prepared by the school for such an emergency. There is no way we can ever repay the kids or the school, except to advocate the importance of CPR training and AED devices in public places so that other lives can be saved. We’re also now Silverswords fans for life,” said Command.

The Command family hopes to add their congratulations to the students in a special visit sometime this weekend. For the Command family and students, February 5 can now be considered Bobby Command’s second birthday.


  1. Meredith

    It felt great to hear that CPR and AED programs are endorsed in high schools now. More and more people should be made aware about these training programs so that they may understand the importance and can save human lives.

  2. Beverly Fisher

    The critical item in Mr. Command’s survival was that the bystanders took action. The new changes in CPR guidelines were designed for this purpose. Even if a person is not CPR certified, they can perform chest compression – only CPR and possibly save a life. Job well done.

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