The Alana Dung Research Foundation awarded Chaminade University a $40,000 seed grant to initiate research on liver cancer.

Dr. Joan Kuh, a Chaminade biology professor specializing in genetics, will lead the research to build upon her preliminary inquiries into hepatic steatosis and the inflammatory progression to cancer of the liver. The grant from the Alana Dung Research Foundation will allow Dr. Kuh to collect additional data sets needed to advance her initial findings and acquire longer-term funding for the project.

The Alana Dung Research Foundation was established by Stephen and Adelia Dung. When their daughter, Alana, became ill with leukemia, they became impassioned about the need to support research focused on the serious illnesses affecting children, and to support those whose work is directed at eliminating the pain and suffering caused by terminal illnesses. The Foundation provides financial support to worthy research organizations and individuals throughout the world for clinical studies and research directed at improving the quality of life for sick children, improving treatment and preventing disease.