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School of Nursing receives $497,000 from E. L. Wiegand Foundation

NEW SIMULATORS WILL EXPAND EDUCATIONAL CAPACITY — E. L. Wiegand Foundation of Reno, Nevada, has approved a major grant in the amount of $497, 000 to Chaminade University, awarded to Chaminade’s school of nursing to support the acquisition of additional, high fidelity simulators and the related control system and software. The grant will fund the adult, birthing, and child/infant simulators and Education Management Solutions (EMS) for the university’s nursing education program. “The grant helps our nursing school expand its educational capacity,” said Dr. Stephanie Genz, dean for the school of nursing and associate professor. “Chaminade’s successful opening of its new nursing program and new nursing center this past fall ensures that Chaminade has the capacity to marshal its resources well.”

simulator in the nursing facility


  1. Julyssa

    it’s awesome i wanna go to hawaii for college(:

  2. Brenda

    I love that their are those who are aware of the importance of educating new nurses. What a great program!

  3. Jakob

    My wife is in the program and appreciate everyone who is making it possible for her to get great training and education in the nursing program. My mother, older sister both went to Chaminade. I am currently finishing up my MSCP graduate degree. I so appreciate that there is an alternative to U.H. IMUA silverswords IMUA.

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