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Mike Hayes Speaks at Chaminade On Millennials–March 15

WHAT: Public Lecture on Young Adult Ministry
WHEN: March 15, starting at 5 pm
WHERE:  Chaminade University – Ching Conference Center, 3140 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu 96816
Event is free & open to all; featured speaker Mike Hayes is co-founder of, and author of Googling God: Ministering to Today’s Young Adults and Their Eclipsed Spirituality
CONTACT:Fr. George Cerniglia, Chaminade rector, at (808) 739-8339 or
TOPIC: Have You Earned the Right to Be Heard?–Millennial College Students and Their Relationships to Mentors
Millennial generation  today have access to an infinite number of sources and mentors–many available online. Yet, they find it hard to navigate the choices in selecting a trusted source or mentor and often depend on those near them for advice, namely friends their own age who are often in the same situation they are and often just as clueless. Mike Hayes will share being a trusted source on campus, in parishes and beyond. Being available and part of the conversation in both actual and social networking solutions are key.
Refreshments will be served.

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