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Marianist Award: Bro. Jerome Bommer, SM, Chaminade University Rector Emeritus

Bro. Jerome Bommer, SM, received the Marianist Award this February. He has been a vowed religious for more than 60 years and was Chaminade's rector for eight years. He is now the university's rector emeritus.

Bro. Jerome Bommer, SM, received the Marianist Award this February. He has been a vowed religious for more than 60 years and was Chaminade’s rector for eight years. He is now the university’s rector emeritus.

The Marianist Award is annually presented to a staff member who has exhibited a continuous and extraordinary commitment to the Marianist value of family spirit by living the Marian traits of openness, hospitality, graciousness and faith in a loving God, and by drawing others into the challenge of building a collaborative community based on loving acceptance of others and commitment to the vision and mission of Chaminade University. The university presented this year’s Marianist Award to Bro. Jerry Bommer, S.M., rector emeritus.

While it would be expected that all professed Marianists qualify for this award, Bro. Bommer was singled out by exception for his constant support and consistent drive to bring about unity and cohesiveness to our campus.  He has been a committed Marianist Brother for more than sixty years.  While never seeking administrative positions, he responded to the call of superiors and served in administrative ministry for much of his life.  While still leaving time for fishing, golf and gardening, he offers outstanding and invaluable assistance to the Rector’s Office.  As Rector of Chaminade for eight years, he initiated all kinds of programs and activities to promote the Catholic and Marianist identity of the campus.  He is generous to a fault, caring beyond measure, and a man of deep personal faith.  All that he does, from barbequing, to Fat Tuesday socials, to offering prayer at sports activities, Bro. Bommer binds Chaminade together as a family in a true spirit of ohana.


  1. Ben Sciortino

    Wow I sure do remember you Brother. You taught us History and I aced your class. You made history come alive. You and your fellow brothers/teachers gave us a rock solid education. I continue to draw upon that as I live out my life. Congratulations on your award it was well deserved.
    Thanks again for helping a little Italian kid from the south side of St. Louis. I just looked up your picture in the ’59 yearbook and you haven’t changed a bit…What you think it BS?? Well geez Brother those are my initials after all..giggle
    Ben Sciortino class of ’59

  2. Ken Mebruer

    Brother Bommer. CONGRATS. I distinctly remember you at St. Mary’s High during my 1955-1959 years. Wish you were local to St. Louis to attend one of our 1959 grads monthly luncheons (18 guys today) or monthly golf outings, where we classmates reminisce about the many S.M. Brothers who taught us. Can’t believe you were only age 22 when we were age 15 Sophomores. Hope I look as good as you in 7 years when age 82. Peace, health, and happiness to you. Ken Mebruer, Class of ’59

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