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Chaminade’s Blaze Mancillas Will Appear on CBS’ Golden Boy on Friday, March 8

Blaze Mancillas '09 makes it from Chaminade University of Honolulu to New York to Hollywood. Be sure to catch Silversword actor on CBS Golden Boy this Friday, March 8. Check local listing for Friday night time.

Chaminade 2009 graduate, Blaze Mancillas, will guest-star this Friday, March 8, in new CBS police drama Golden Boy.  He appears in the episode titled “Young Guns” as Arroyo Jr., a cocky rookie NYPD officer who is the son of veteran officer Tony Arroyo.

Mancillas’ acting career began at Chaminade under the guidance of performing arts professors Bro. Gary Morris, Fr. Bob Bouffier and Timothy Carney. He graduated in 2009 from Chaminade with a bachelors’ degree, with a majoring in Communications and a minor in Performing Arts.  Mancillas was also a featured actor throughout his time here at Chaminade and was kind enough to email answers to some questions we had (see below).

Q:  What inspired you to become an actor?

A: Acting started off as a happy accident. A dear friend of mine and Dayton Exchange student Joe Melendrez sat me down on a bench at Chaminade’s Courtyard in Henry Hall and begged me to take his part in a show because he couldn’t manage the time commitment. I went in for a rehearsal just to try things out and the director, Bro. Gary Morris, liked what I brought to the table and took a leap of faith and cast me in a production of “Sylvia” by A.R. Gurney. At age 17 I played a married man going through a midlife crisis who falls in love with a stray dog. I’m not sure if I was very good but I had a lot of fun. Before I knew it I was changing my major and trying to sponge up all the knowledge I could from our talented and supportive performing arts department (Bro. Gary Morris, Fr. Bob Bouffier, Tim Carney).

Q: What would you say to someone (a student) who wants to follow their dream?
  I think the hardest part about following your dream is figuring out what your dream is. Chaminade is a great place to discover your dreams because it’s a supportive environment that really empowers students to try everything. At Chaminade I competed on the Cross Country, Golf and Soccer teams as well as working in student government, the school newspaper and doing plays and musicals. That’s what college is all about: trying everything and thus learning about others and yourself. Once you figure out what your dream is, surround yourself with like minded dreamers, never give up and don’t forget to have fun. –I started at Chaminade studying Biology with ambitions to one day go to medical school. When I graduated I completed a degree in Broadcast Communications with a minor in Performing Arts on my way to getting my MFA in acting at Columbia University in New York City. If you had asked me if I would become an actor during my freshman year at Chaminade I would have laughed. You never truly know your potential until you give yourself a chance to succeed as well as a chance to fail. I find that I learn more about myself when I make mistakes.

Q: What is the most interesting/exciting/remarkable thing to you right now about your participation in Golden Boy?
Aside from the endless tables of snacks and food on set I would say the most interesting part of being a part of project like this is the great deal of focus and attention everyone puts into their job. Being on set may seem a little overwhelming because there are a ton of people running around but each person has a very specific job that when done well enables others to do their own job to the best of their abilities. I didn’t need to worry about my costume, make up, hair or even what I was going to have for lunch. Not only was this liberating but held me accountable for my work. I was able to focus on the one job I was hired to do: act.

Q: Do you have any anecdotes or memories of Chaminade that you’d like to share?
During my first show at Chaminade it was nothing short of a miracle that I didn’t fall asleep in rehearsals. After a long day of class I would have a sweat-drenched practice with the Cross Country team and then shuffle into the Loo Black Box Theater where I would rehearse and shovel cold Chef Boyardee down my throat. The Silversword Cafe wasn’t open after cross country practice so despite his disdain for lukewarm, canned pasta, Bro. Gary would allow me to eat my modest dinner when we had breaks between scenes.


Chaminade’s presentation of “Waiting for Godot” featured Blaze Mancillas and Cedric Panganiban.

Above: Waiting for Godot (fall 2007 production)
Below: Brigadoon (spring 2008) and Amadeus (fall 2008)

Blaze Mancillas in the middle in Chaminade’s spring musical, produced and directed by Bro. Gary Morris. Blaze on the right with Cedric on the left.

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Media Contact: Kapono Ryan
(808) 735-4797


  1. Miriam Kali-rai

    Blaze, you were WONDERFUL. Hope to see you again on ‘Golden Boy’!

  2. Dave & Rani Basi

    Congratulation Blaze on all of your accomplishments.

  3. Russ Mancillas

    Enjoyable interview!

  4. Tara

    Way to go Blaze!

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