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Media Advisory on Ferals

Chaminade University has worked with several organizations and individuals including the Hawaii Cat Foundation for a number of years and been supportive of their efforts.  Strategies for controlling feral populations have been to trap, neuter, and remove for adoption.  The university had also tried limited, controlled feeding areas. We have worked for more than two decades on the feral cat problem, and despite our combined best efforts, the feral cats continue to proliferate.

Compounding the challenge is that there are people who continue to abandon their unwanted cats on campus.  These cats produce litters followed by more litters.  People visit campus at night to feed the cats, leaving behind unwanted food everywhere. By morning, the food becomes slippery hazards that jeopardize the safety of students, staff and faculty. The increased feral population has also meant an uptick of fleas and cat feces in and around our buildings. Also recently, the liability issue has become more apparent when one of the cat feeders seriously injured herself.

The university sets as its first priority the health and safety of its students, staff and faculty, as well as its visitors.  The university is also concerned about the safety of the feral cats.  With the continued renovation and construction on campus, it can be dangerous for the feral cats that live under and around all of this construction.

Based on the stated reasons, campus officials have asked that the feeding of feral cats be discontinued.  Please note that the feral cats still on campus will be monitored carefully in the transition and will be treated humanely. ###


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    In the midst of naive, do-gooder petitioners who would condemn you for “sending cats to their death,” I applaud your efforts to rid the university of feral cats by choosing to no longer permit their coddling. The strategies until now of trap, spay/neuter, and feed are only encouraging cat owners to add to this population, not to mention feral cats wandering in from elsewhere wanting to go where they can be fed and cared for. If people (and other cats) start to see that the university is not a feline safe haven, maybe numbers will finally stop increasing and Chaminade will be rid of disgusting fleas.

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