Heritage Awards 2015

Chaminade University 2015 Heritage Award winners
(front left to right) Faith Leasiolagi, Dayna Bareng
and Peggy Friedman are joined (back left to right) by
Chaminade’s president, Bro. Bernard Ploeger, SM
and Chaminade’s rector, Fr. George Cerniglia, SM.

The annual Heritage Awards were presented at Mystical Rose Oratory on Monday, February 09,  as part of a prayer service . The2015  recipients were:

  • Chaminade Award, presented to a lay faculty or lay professional staff member, who exhibits a continuous commitment to Marianist values in education, went to Professor Margaret (Peggy) Friedman, associate professor of Business.
  • Marianist Award, presented to a lay staff member, who exhibits a continuous and extraordinary commitment to the Marianist value of family spirit went to Dayna Bareng, Residential Life housing coordinator.
  • Founders Award, presented to a member of the student body, who manifests generosity, respect for others and a spirit of faith, went to Faith Leasiolagi.

The following text is taken  from today’s introductions of each of the awardees, made by Chaminade’s rector, Fr. George Cerniglia, SM: (with added photos from the event)

The Award Ceremony
February 9, 2015
Given by Fr. George Cerniglia, SM

Several weeks ago, our Chaminade ohana celebrated Heritage Week, highlighted by the Eucharist commemorating the anniversary of the death of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, the founder of the Society of Mary. Ordinarily, we use that occasion to confer awards on certain individuals on our campus who have manifested our Marianist tradition in exemplary ways. Because of the variety of activities occurring during Heritage Week, this year we decided to move the awards ceremony to today. Although it is an ordinary Monday, it now becomes extraordinary as we recognize three outstanding individuals in our Chaminade family.

The Chaminade Award is presented to a faculty or professional staff member who has exhibited a continuous commitment to Marianist values in education by promoting the dignity and rights of people, by accepting others with love and respect, by being dedicated to a collaborative and honest search for truth, and by undertaking the intellectual life as a form of service in the interest of justice and truth, exhibiting the Marian traits of openness, hospitality, graciousness and faith in a loving God. The recipient of this year’s Chaminade Award is Peggy Friedman. Peggy is presently a long-standing Associate Professor in the School of Business. She is a dedicated professor, who can connect easily with her students. One student related how Peggy consciously and intentionally includes the Characteristics of Marianist Universities in her syllabus. In presenting them to her students she is quoted as saying: This is our brand and what separates us from others. Having taught at UH and other universities, Peggy does not hesitate to point out that there’s something different at Chaminade. Little does she realize that her approach to education and to her students is what contributes to making Chaminade different. Students relate quite honestly that she “knows her stuff” and even makes it enjoyable! For a number of years now, Peggy has made an annual commitment as a Marianist Educational Associate. As such, she works to sustain and advance the Marianist culture on our campus. She is generous to a fault and always ready to offer a helping hand. Having become a recent first-time grandmother, Peggy now revels not only in her students but in her wonderful grandchild. She won’t hesitate to show you a picture either! And so, it is with deep gratitude that we present this year’s Chaminade Award to Peggy Friedman.















 Peggy receives a lei from Fr. George and then her award from Bro. Bernie and Father.  She is surrounded by her son and daughter and applauded by the Chaminade ‘ohana.


The Marianist Award is presented to a staff member who has exhibited a continuous and extraordinary commitment to the Marianist value of family spirit by living the Marian traits of openness, hospitality, graciousness and faith in a loving God, and by drawing others into the challenge of building a collaborative community based on loving acceptance of others and commitment to the vision and mission of Chaminade University. The recipient of this year’s Marianist Award is Dayna Bareng. Dayna has been with Residential Life as the Housing Coordinator for 8 years. During those eight years, she has touched many lives with her openness, graciousness and loving nature. Her commitment to the Marianist value of family spirit is reflected in how the students feel about her. Ever since Dayna was five years old, we are told, she wanted to be a mother. Her caring, understanding, warmth and love go a long way in helping her be a “mother hen” to the students who are far away from home and miss all things familiar. We are told that Dayna’s voice on the phone was the most comforting thing to a new student on his first day of college. As a result, many who heard that comforting voice became closely linked with Residential Life and some eventually became part of the staff. It does not matter what type of day Dayna is having. When a student walks through the door, they receive her undivided attention and sound advice on how to approach everything from mundane issues to more challenging situations. She cares deeply for everyone she comes in contact with and wants what is best for them. Dayna encourages and inspires students to live to their full potential. No one works harder or is more committed to her ministry of supporting our residents than Dayna. Her dedication, spirit, kindness, generosity and patience have made a lasting impression on many, many students over the years. And so, it is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we present this year’s Marianist Award to Dayna Bareng.













Dayna Bareng














Photos are of Dayna Bareng receiving award, and Dayna with family, friends & Marianist ‘ohana.


The Founder’s Award is presented to a student who has exhibited a commitment to Marianist values by his/her outstanding generosity, respect for others, and spirit of faith and who is an exemplary role-model for the Chaminade community. The recipient of this year’s award is Faith Leasiolagi. In certain cultures, they wait to name a baby in order to insure that the name will fit the spirit and nature of the child. It seems that Faith’s name was a perfectly chosen one from the very beginning. Faith, in the religious sense, means a letting go, a trust and confidence that things will be okay. Our Faith reflects that religious meaning in many, many ways. She is someone you can put 100% trust and confidence in. Her calm and loving demeanor makes it a sure thing that the job will get done. During her years here at Chaminade, Faith has chosen many servant leadership roles that have helped her guide others—whether it was leading the Awakening Retreat, or working with the poor in Los Angeles, or dancing on White Sunday, or singing every Sunday in the choir, or feeding the hungry, or simply being her cheerful self in the Campus Ministry Offices or the Loo Center. Among her peers, Faith is a confidante, someone who listens attentively and dispenses wise and realistic advice. She is a member of the La’akea Marianist Lay Community, the first of its kind to be established here on Chaminade’s campus. And her companions in the group chose her to be their coordinator. Faith embodies the Chaminade spirit in so, so many ways. We are confident that she will go forth with a firm and steady confidence of who she is, who she has become, and who she will yet be. We have been touched by Faith in our own lives with her presence, her song, and especially her hope and love. And so, it is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we present this year’s Founders Award to Faith Leasiolagi.

Photos below are of Faith, friends, family and Mom.

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