yan yan and jerry at Brogan Hall sm

Yan Yan Imamura and Jerry Richmond back on campus at Brogan Hall

Jerry Richmond, Chaminade director of Montessori Summer Institute, and Yan Yan Imamura, Chaminade assistant director of Early Childhood and Montessori Programs, beamed with enthusiasm as they shared stories of their recent Montessori Summer Institute (MSI) and Mission Outreach adventure in the Philippines.

posters smThe Chaminade group was greeted with  posters.  (L-R) Yan Yan Imamura,
James Nakata and Lisa Nakata ’96 enjoyed the welcome.

Richmond, Imamura and alumna Lisa Nakata (’96 MED with an emphasis in Montessori) teamed up for this summer’s outreach mission, hosted by University of San Carlos Montessori Program Academy in Cebu.

kids sm

Children in an outreach school

The three women taught workshops and worked with teachers at the Academy. They were also able to deliver three large suitcases of Montessori supplies to outreach sites – poor villages built on garbage heaps. The villagers were very grateful for the Chaminade group efforts. But the Chaminade women were even more grateful.  They had come to make a difference and to change the world but were changed instead.

gateway to school sm

Gateway to an outreach site school

The outreach mission was featured in the Chaminade Quarterly Fall 2016 issue. To see more photos and read about their adventure, go to:

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