Roofing crews hammered away on Behavioral Sciences modular.

Activity was at a constant high pitch  with major construction and renovation projects being completed throughout campus recently. Crews worked on Henry Hall, Hale Hoaloha, four modular buildings (Wesselkamper Science Center, Student Support Services, Brogan Hall and Behavioral Sciences), the Counseling Center, coaching offices, campus roads, and, Clarence T. C. Ching Hall over the summer.

Projects included new technology packages in classrooms to installing new air-conditioning systems and doing roof work on the modular buildings. The Clarence T. C. Ching Conference Center in Eiben had a complete make-over which included the addition of Bro. Bertram photographic artwork on the walls.  Approximately 6,500 square yards of new paving were done on campus roads.

Restroom renovations seemed to also be all the rage as work was completed at Waialae, Hale Hoaloha, and Tredtin. Even a new men’s restroom opened this fall on the second floor of Henry Hall.

The progress continues, thanks to the expert management of Finance and Facilities.  In the near future, Chaminade expects to have the new coaching offices done this October and the Clarence T. C. Ching Hall ready for its rededication, scheduled for November 10, 2016.