Devan Rostorfer is the Outstanding Hogan Entrepreneur of the Year


I’ve changed from being a curious young woman to maturing into an individual driven with a passion to make a difference in this world. Devan Rostorfer

Senior Devan Rostorfer, a Biology major, was awarded the “Outstanding Hogan Entrepreneur of the Year” award for 2013. Devan’s experiences in the Hogan program helped her define a passionate direction for her life.

The Hogan Entrepreneurs program is a certificate program in very practical business studies. Open to all majors and undergraduates as well as graduate students, (not just business majors), the program recognizes that any graduate has the potential to start something new. New ideas that contribute to society and the well-being of communities benefit everyone, but also can make for successful, thriving businesses. The Hogan motto is Doing business things that make social sense. Doing social things that make business sense.”

This spring, Devan will graduate with a  degree in Biology and will receive an entrepreneurial studies certificate from the Hogan Program. At Chaminade, she has worked in the lab of Dr. Helen Turner, Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, studying immunology, and also conducted pharmaceutical research with Dr. Joel Kawakami, Associate Professor of Chemistry. Devan has been involved in numerous service projects.

Devan says the Immersion Program in India with the Hogan Program was a life changing experience. In all, she was in India over two months, spending her first five weeks working with the poor and another two weeks experiencing the various cultural and historical sites. The two-week Hogan Program followed afterward and saw her delve into the business side of India and look into how the country was coming along economically.

Devan in India

Devan in India


“Traveling to India had a huge impact on my studies, direction, and perspective,” she noted. “I know now I want to do something in water sanitation, waste management, and food security, which are desperate areas of need for parts of India and other developing countries.”

Devan’s immediate plan after graduation is to attend graduate school at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She has been accepted into a master’s program to study Environmental Planning and Policy, with a unique emphasis on resource management, industrial ecology, water sanitation and urban development.

Her dream is to create an environmentally-sound community development plan, which can be tailored and used in countries everywhere, starting with India. The essence of this plan would be to use local residents to clean up their own communities, which she feels would generate jobs, improve public health, and enhance social development and education.

Lofty goals for sure, but Rostorfer believes her Hogan Program studies have begun to prepare her for success. “I’ve changed from being a curious young woman to maturing into an individual driven with a passion to make a difference in this world,” she said. “The Hogan Program allowed me to blossom and grow, changing my life and making me a better person.”

Devan and classmates at Chaminade clubfest

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