Sam Galloway Recognized as Outstanding Hogan Entrepreneur & Student Athlete

Everyone is motivated by personal reasons that the leader cannot control, but by giving everyone a platform to achieve the results THEY want – that is how leaders operate. – Sam Galloway

Junior Samuel Galloway, a Business Administration major from Copley, Ohio, was recently a co-recipient of the Outstanding Junior Hogan Entrepreneur Award and also received the Most Outstanding Athlete in Men’s Soccer Award. Sam is a gifted leader, a fierce competitor and interested in new ventures.

An interview with Sam:

As a leader, what do you think is a secret to motivating a team?

Motivation should always be intrinsic.  I think a true leader is someone who is not only respected by peers but also emulated because of their ability to lead by example.  To be able to get the most out of those around you, be someone who constantly breaks through glass ceilings and sets the pace for others to follow.  By setting an example day in and day out in every aspect of life – eating healthily, conducting yourself properly in the classroom and in the community, and of course by playing to the best of your abilities – this sets the stage for others to follow.  Everyone is motivated by personal reasons that the leader cannot control, but by giving everyone a platform to achieve the results THEY want – that is how leaders operate.  Leaders create leaders.

What has been the most interesting/engaging thing about interning at the Box Jelly? Have you discovered anything new about yourself?

The Box Jelly logo has a unique meaning that encourages us to embrace our “first followers” in the start-up community.  “First followers” offer the most to a young business and a lot can be learned from them.  I highly recommend this video [about the “first follower” phenomenon] to everyone I meet after spending time in this internship – the Box Jelly founders (Chaminade graduates) introduced me to it:

The most important thing I have learned through my experiences there is that you don’t always have to know the answers to be able to solve a problem.  Having the ability to think outside the box (preferably using Stanford Graduate School’s design thinking – a methodology embodied in the coworking space) offers people the ability to take on tasks they may have never thought possible.

What has been your favorite thing about the Hogan Entrepreneurs?

After completing one year in the Hogan Program, my favorite thing is knowing that everyone I have met in connection with the program is brilliant. Any and all of my successes have been because of the people I surround myself with.  The people involved with the Hogan Program are some of the most amazing people I have ever met and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet them. Their accomplishments in the community and their commitment to the Hogan students speaks volumes for the type of program Dr. Webster has created.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote or thought, or something that really motivates you?

‘Ohana.  Nothing that I have been able to accomplish would have been possible or meaningful without the love and support of my family. My dad has always joked that my drive in life can best be described as, “the kid that will cut your throat over a game of checkers.”  I have always hated losing and while I think my dad’s depiction is a little dramatic, I have always said, “if you are not willing to lose your best friend over a game of Monopoly, you are not playing hard enough.”


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