Experiencing Hawaii

As a “newbie” to the state of Hawaii I have to act like a tourist wherever I go, meaning I have my phone out taking pictures left and right and during my excursions at orientation we were taken to the Polynesian Culture Center..or as I like to refer to it as cultural “Disneyland.” It’s so much fun and I learned a lot! Seeing the different cultures and traditions of the people in the different islands made me open my eyes because, before then, I had no idea about their heritage. If you haven’t gone, please put that on your bucket list!

Hello fellow Chaminadeans, I am a new blogger and will be writing about my experiences here in the Aloha state, in addition I would like to know what sparks your interests?? I will be doing different things here and writing reviews about it, as well as posting up pictures & videos…please feel free to leave me feedback!!





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About Christina

Hello world.... I am a new tranfer from Cali, Long Beach area, and I am LOVING Hawaii!...I am majoring in Molecular Bio and am an aspiring doctor. A little about who I am..I am full Mexican and first generation attending a university (woot woot!) I am a singer,dancer, and I used to act so it's safe to say that I am a performer. Most of my singing and dancing are based on my culture, so I sing "Rancheras" and dance to Mexican folk music from different regions of Mexico. I am the eldest of three siblings so yes I am setting the bar. My ultimate goal is to be the best role model I can be, not only for my siblings but, for family, friends, and those who I have the pleasure of meeting.

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  1. PCC is so much fun. There’s so much to do there. U really should check them out next year, they put on a haunted show along the lagoon. Im so glad that you’re interested in the Polynesian culture. It’s something very special 🙂

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